About Social CirKish

The Social CirKISH is a program created to promote mental, physical, emotional, psychological, and social development with at-risk youth by encouraging students to enjoy safe and fulfilling “risk-taking” activities through the exploration and participation of circus exercises and acts. Students are encouraged to express their minds and ideas to increase self-awareness and acceptance while also interacting and participating with their peers in a number of activities that support and require teamwork and collaboration.


Students who are enrolled at participating schools, exhibit an interest in the program, and could benefit from participating in safe and structured activities to promote self-esteem and social interaction should apply. The program is free to students and enrollment and acceptance is based on the admittance policies of the partnering after school program.


The trainers for the program are highly qualified, trained circus performers who exhibit a desire and ability to inspire youth through their coaching, mentoring, and leadership. Their primary focus is to create a safe environment and facilitate circus experiences that promote and foster an increase in self-esteem and social interaction for their students. They also take care of the condition and safety of the premises and equipment and serve as liaisons with the schools sites and other after school partners.

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